Who are the parish potlucks for? The parish potlucks are for all members of the parish, their family, friends and anyone considering joining the parish, or the Catholic faith. They are also open to anyone looking for a chance to fellowship with other Catholics.

Why Parish Potlucks?The Parish Potlucks were established to help build a sense of community at our parish and to allow us to have time to fellowship with other Catholics. In our busy fast-paced world with all of our social media we often forget to have time with people face-to-face, the parish potlucks allow us to have that time of community and togetherness.

What should I bring? Please bring a dish to share with others, enough to serve about 6-8 people. This could include a main dish, side dish, salad or dessert. Just for fun we often have a theme each month, you do not have follow the theme, just bring something you enjoy and others will too. All food must be brought already cooked as we do not have the capabilities to cook meals at this time. We hope to in the future.

Do I need to RSVP? No, come if you can when you can. We fellowship from 5 pm until 5:15 pm as people arrive and the dishes are put out. Grace is promptly at 5:15pm and then dinner. Don’t be late!! There is lots of time for visiting, Adoration alone or with your family and we usually wrap up by 7pm.

I can’t/don’t have time to cook? Not to worry. A pizza or rotisserie chicken, cookies from the store or salad from the deli are all good eats. Just be sure you come!

When/Where are the potlucks? The potlucks are held on the third Saturday of most months in Seton Hall.

Please check the parish bulletin for updates on the dates or feel free to contact Stephanie Padley at 847-261-4184 or Julia Wagner at 630-815-9078.