The St. EAS Meditation Garden was established in 2003 upon completion of the addition to the church building. The garden offers a tranquil setting for the parish community to enjoy God in his natural glory and a peaceful setting to reflect and speak with our Lord.

The Garden Ministry is comprised of parish members who volunteer their time and talent to plant flowers, shrubs, etc. and keep it weed free during the growing season. Anyone can volunteer – one does not have to be an experienced gardener to help at the garden. All ages are welcome although children should be supervised by their parents, scout leaders, etc. while working in the garden. It’s a great place to do a community project as a family.

The busiest times of the year are spring when we are getting the garden ready for the growing season and fall when we are preparing it for winter. Periodically notices will be put in the bulletin announcing garden work days. You may contact the chairperson if you have questions or wish to volunteer your time.

Fundraising for the garden consists of the sale of engraved bricks and bake sales. This enables us to cover the planting and on-going maintenance of the garden. Engraved bricks can be ordered through the parish office by completing an order form. Free will donations and memorial gifts are also accepted. Please contact the parish office or the chairperson for these donations.

Chairperson – Sandy Christensen (815)477-3612 or email at

ANNUAL ENGRAVED BRICK FUNDRAISING: Our annual engraved brick fundraising event for the Meditation Garden is going on now through September 10th.  All orders must be placed in the St. EAS office no later than Monday, September 10th for this year’s annual drive.  Bricks are $100 apiece.  Click here for the form. The bricks are a great commemorative gift to remember a special someone or family event.