rciaAssist in conducting the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults program by serving as a Catechist, Sponsor, and/or dismissal leader on Sunday mornings. Meetings are held weekly.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) classes will begin September 11, 2016.

Although RCIA is designed to bring people into full communion with Christ and his Church, everyone is welcome to come and sit in on any session.

Please feel free to share the information below with friends and/or family.

Meeting Time and Place:  Sundays 10:45-12:15, St. Joseph Room

Contact Information:  Parish Office (815) 459-3033
                                   Deacon Rick rmarcantonio@elizabethannseton.org

11                        Welcome and Registration
18                        The Search for God & God’s Response
25                        God Calls:  Divine Revelation

2                           We Respond:  Faith
9                           Rite of Acceptance
16                         In the Beginning…Man & Woman and the Fall
23                         Redemption, Part I:  The Coming of Christ
30                         Redemption, Part II:  The Paschal Mystery

6                          Our Eternal Destiny
13                        The Holy Spirit
20                        The Mission of the Church
27                        Thanksgiving Break

4                          The Four Marks of the Church
11                         Mary, Mother of Jesus
18                         Life in Christ – Part One
25 & Jan.1            Christmas Season Break

8                           Introduction to the Liturgy & Sacraments
15                         Baptism
22                         Confirmation
29                         Holy Eucharist

5                           Penance & Anointing
12                         Holy Orders & Matrimony
19                         Life in Christ – Part Two
26                         God Calls Us to Pray

5                           First Sunday of Lent (Rite of Election)
12                         Take a Look
19                          The Nicene Creed
26                          The Way of the Cross

2                           The Lord’s Prayer
9                           The Meaning of Holy Week
15 Holy Saturday (Morning) Review and Preparation for Easter  
                              (Evening) Vigil Mass    
22                          At the Service of Life