Confirmation Formation is a two-year program, which begins in 8th grade with the Sacrament of Confirmation celebrated in the spring of the second year. There will be approximately 12 meetings per year held on Sunday afternoons, one all day Saturday retreat for Year 1, an overnight retreat for Year 2 and 2-3 service opportunities.

Our resource for Confirmation Formation is an exciting and dynamic program called Chosen:Your Journey Toward Confirmation by Ascension Press. It is our hope that Chosen will not only offer teens a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith, but will also win over their hearts at this critical time in their lives. The program has been carefully designed to address and answer teens’ fundamental questions about life, and to challenge them to embrace a life of faith.

Parent Sacramental Year Retreat: This one-day retreat called ”God Is! A One Day Journey Closer to God,” is presented by Evangelize All Ministries and is specifically for parents of students in the sacramental years of faith formation: Confirmation and First Holy Communion. One parent is expected to attend during one of their student’s Sacramental Formation years, though both are encouraged to participate. Click here for the registration form and information.

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